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>> alan: rescue teams worko save lives following a he-on collision in san francisco. good evening. i'm alan wang two people died, three others are hospitalized. the crash happen on lake merced boulevard last night. john alston is near the scene with more. >> reporter: alan,ight now a large scale san francisco pole department enforcement praiption
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is going -- operation is going on. this is lake merced boulevard a quarter mile from the intersection with john muir drive. this morning, relatives with flowers were showing up. an aunt and two cousins of one of the men who was killed, along with a 19-year-old passenger. they were apparently high school buddies. thisas the scene last night shortly after 10:30. the young men were in a honda. police are saying a toyota crashed into the passenger side of their car. it's unclear how the cars ended up perpendicular before impact, whether the honda was turning or which driver was at fault. >> aood kid. veryoving, and dependable, and helpful. he love everybody. sad thing can happen to a person
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like this. >> he is too young. he is only 19. >> rorter: that was an aunt. the people in the other car were seriously hurt. a mother, a father, and a daughter in the back seat, believed to be 13 years old. they're at san francisco general hospital. it's unkno if the victims were wearing seatbelts or the speed volved. autopsy and toxicology tests will be done on the victims. this stretch has a speed limit of 40-miles-an-hour. a resident says cars go flying bay her all the time so police are planning stepped up enforcement check out traffic pattern, and in the past half hour, san francio police officers have been pulling over drivers left and right on this stretch of lake merced boulevard. >> alan: it is day three for investigators combing a landfill in pittsrg in the search for a missing hercules man
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thoughts fear frederick sales could be the victim in a series of murde, possibly at the hand of one man. the search has yielded few clues. >> reporter: this pittsburg landll was supposed to be the biggest lead for investigators searching for missing frederick sales. but after day three of sifting through three tons of debris, there's still no new clues. >> unfortunatelyll theerts they -- the efforts ve yielded no results. >> reporter: it was the relt result of a week-long investigate that led investigators to the landfill. one man worked near where the car was found abandoned. trash from there comes here. >> they're going continue until they have come to the end and
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found something or have completed the search of the entire area. >> reporr: authorities fear sales could be the fifth victim in a string of murders at the hands of valdemore. before the chp shot sald morrah, police say valdemore likely killed sales' father, ricardo, and his girlfriend, cindy tran investigators believe valdemore suspect thread may have been a romantic relationship between the father or son and tran. police say valdemore could also be connected to the deaths of these two vallejo women, al found dead last week. valdemore occasionally lived in allen's home. her husband, charles rittenhouse, remains in jail, facing charges of having large amounts of explosives in the house 0. the sa place where police say rittenhouse had been living with the decomposing bodies. it is expected to take these searchers another two to three
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ys to finish sift through the one-acre area of land they're now focused on. so for day four, searchers will be back out here at this lafill starting at 8:00 in the morning. >> alan: san fncisco supervisors are expecd to vote on an alcol tax this weekend. the new fee would add three cents to a bottle of beer, four and a half cents to a glass of wine, and three and a half cents for small alcohol. small change but the controller office says the fee would earn san francisco $16 million a year. the money would be used to help cover expenses linked to alcohol bows. the alcohol and hospitality business opposes the fee, saying it would hurt business and kill jobs it remained unclear, san francisco base kraig list has any plans to restore adult serve ads ads to hit webs. they shut down the six section
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friday night. the move comes just over a week after 17tate attorneys general to craigslist demanding that it remove the section. >> from one persptive you can enter prepare the as asucceeding -- acceding to the demands of attorneys general, calling on craigslist to take this down. but on the other hand, the fact they put in black letters the word "censor" indicates they might be defiant. >> alan: l enforcement accused craigslist of not doing enough to deter prostitution and halt child trafficking. craigslist has refused requests for comments. the california supreme court will consider the legality of those friday furloughs this week. the court will har arguments on wednesday on three lawsuits filed by thousands of workers who were orderedo take unpaid ys starting in 2009. the gov ordered furloughs to help deal with the state's
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massive budget crisis. but the lawsuit contends the furloughs violate a state law that mandate a 40 hour work week and union contracts. 17 months of fur furughes head it 1.6 win billion to the ste's funds. >> 9/11 anniversary is a few days away. protests a running across the country against the planned new mosque. when an antuslim televangelist showed up, some believed passions could be inflamed. think again. >> nobody -- those words from own antimuslim preacher, bill keller, who gave the first service at a new christian center half a block from ground zeroand to the surprisef some in the audience, he
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supported a proposed muslim community center just two blocks away. >> they have air right to build it. >> it's not a complete truce. >> they want to preach the laws of i lamb, islam i can porch the bible. >> the words spoken the days before the an verse riff othe world terrorist attacks on the world trade center. >> they can operate in their ow >> reporter: in connecticut. >> not in our neighborhood. >> reporter: the protest over a new mosque in a residential neighborhood continues. d in tennessee, officials are offering a $20,000 reward for formation about an arson fire at the construction site of a new mosque. still, the mosque's rim mam -- imam hopes it's the last act. >> i hope something will come out of this. when we get to know each other and realize we're part of this society. >> reporter: abc news.
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>> alan: the u.s. combat mission in ira might be over but the fighting is not. the first battle involving the separations troops. >> the debate heats up over the economy and what should be done next. the man who unsayre moanously left ph me -- hp may find a disk at oracle. >> leigh: a beautiful shot for you right now. clear ski, fog-free. we're going to get a little hotter. the seven-day forecast fiber one chewy bar.
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>> alan: u.s. troops came under fire today for the first time sinc their combat mission officially ended last week. the u.s. forces were helpy iraqi troops fig off a raid. a dozen people were killed when suicide bombers struck the come -- compoun insurgents have been ramping up attacks on racky -- iraqi forces. on the heels o last friday's jobless figures, president obama plans to introduce a broar package of economic ideas this week. the president is traveling the country, maki stops in west and ohio. we have this story. >> reporter: over the xt week president obama wants to show he
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is recommitted. >> i'll keep workin day-by-day to restore opportunity economic security, and that basic american dream for our familie and future generations. >> reporter: after mest private sector job growth, the president hits the road, traveling to milwaukee on labor day, then a stop in cleveland wednesy, where he wi unveil more recovery propols, and back to thwhite house for a news conference on friday. democrs hope the president asserts his stimulus package saved jobs jierg eight straight months of gain not as high as anyone but we're on the right path. >> reporter: the presidt's push comes two months before the election. the republicans have declared this the s. of recovery. >> the economic policies have failed. you can argue about jobs created and saved the fac is they said unemployment would be a maximum of 8%. >> presint obama plans a new
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economic package with proposals for extending increased tax cred for business research expenses, money accident on infrastructu, and incentives for small business investment. >> the private sector has to come bece. >> reporter: the economic proposals come at the kickoff of the fa campaign. polls show democrats trail republic afternoons by a large margin. >> alan: mark hurd is reported to be in talks that could land him a hi-level executive post with oracle. the "wall street journal" quotes unnamed sources saying the oracle founder is interested in finding a spot for hurd. hurd reseen from h-p. ore quell's larry ellison criticizedded hp's board of directors for letting hurd good.
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>> how much more people are paying this year compared to last for air fare. and will this beautif weather continue through labyear day? league -- leigh glaser knows? mike. >> mike: time to look forward to nfl and
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yoplait delights. get rid of t "or." >> alan: if you're loong for cheap flights, don't expect to find a barga anytime soon. new data compiled shows passengers are paying more. domestic fares increased by over 20% in the second quarter compared to a year ago. internationallyairs climbed 30%. for business travelers ticket prices were up by 12% in the first half of the year. >> a lo0 of people were enjoying the sunny weatr and took part in oakld's first gay
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pride celebration in six years. ♪ >> alan: a lot of people dancing at musicians played in the uptown district today. the pride celebration comes afte an effort spearheaded by council member rebeca cap kaplan. oakland held celebrations until 2004, and nowhey hope to make it an annual tradition in oakland. on to leigh glaser. not too many complaints about the labor day weekend. >> leigh: no complnts at all and we're going to heat up more tonight. we warmed up five to ten degree san francisco, up 10 degrees, and we're going to do it again tomorrow. hires a live look from the high definition caminiti. -- camera. we have a little haze in the overcast there. of course, the sun is slowly getting a little lower on the horizon, but it's been a
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cloud-free, fog-free -- make sure i say that right- fog-free day today, and it looks like the north winds will keep the fog low off the coast. the highs today, 91 in antioch. 93 in fairfield. san francisco, up 10 degrees. 70 was the high. 83 in gilroy. current readings right now. obviously starng to come down. 76 in napa. 85 in livermore. san jose, clear skies and 78 degrees. we will keep it ear and mild overnight. warm to hotor the labor day monday, and then the cooling trend begins on tuesday and wednesday you're going notice the chill in the air. you can see the clear sky as high presse bringing us the offshore winds, we'll see that again tomorrow. tonight we go 57 for san francisco. no fog. concord, getting down to 60, and a mild 64 in antioch.
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the high pressure starng to build in. brought us the north winds today. tomorrow as it advances ill -- it will bring us the dry, offshore winds, when they come down off the slopes, they can press close to the surface and we tend to warm up rapidly. even the coast will feel temperatures in the 70s tomorr afternoon. so, make i a great beach day. especially the last day of summer. 89 in san jose tomorrow. at the coast, half moon bay, 76. 73 to pacifica. san mateo, 84. san francisco, up another 10 degrees tomorrow, with 80 the expected high. the north bay, 73. 70 for napa. sausolo, 84. 86 for oakland. 87 for cass sew -- castro
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valley. interior valy areas, 94 for brentwood. for pittsburgh, concord. santa cruz, a great day for the boardwalk, 85. inland, 93 for gilroy. the seven-day forecast, we heat up tomorrow, and ten the wind will shift for us on tuesday and wednesday, more onshore winds, cooler, and the mi, the drize, the fog returns, and temperatures bottom out by wednesy, inland temperaturesrs only in the upper 70s. so enjo the 90s tomorrow. >> alan:ootball season still a week away, shu can't get enough of it. >> mike: i can't wait. remember the titans. e raiders hope to forget about them as they travel to tennessee. preparations began today, and injuries cause a question mark. michaebush has a cast on his left leg. he is day-to-day. jason campbells fine. his wrist and neck injuries seem to have held.
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the big surprise is jerod veldheer. he was drafted in the third round out of divisn 2 in michan. filled in at center due to an injury an will start. >> he is big, physical, a tall guy. so sometimes that can mess up in the defense. >> just believed, and what they were teaching, and trying my best every rep, and i knew that would take me where i needed to be. >> mike: college football. great finh between tulsa a and east cared. davis leds it fly. it's up for grabs, and justin jones gets it. a miraculous finish for east carolina. -49. truthing to be an a's fans, make a run at season's end but always too little too late.
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they're 8 back from the rangers, going for the sweep today. breast cancer awareness, a's raising mo than $70,000. knopp o'ly swinging, a gigantic blast. the a's battle back in the fourth, larish, simpgz one in the gap. but the wouldn't get any closer. abreu up the middle. kendrick scores to make it 6 #-, and the angels win 7-4. >> make better pitches, good hitter, have the base open, put them on. >> always nice to win the series, but we always want to sweep, and they played well. >> mike: u.s. open, ladies firs kim clijste moves as,
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as does venus. venus -- play that well but watch her uncork this winner. second set, venus trying to fend off a break point. does it from the other side. venus will by in the quarter finals. >> measure are was a popular pick to win his first mar this year. but watch this shot here. backhand winner, murray loses in four sits. top see, nadal, taking on simone. nadal cruising. check out this point. the great give by nadal. nobody runs as well as he does. the then a forehd cross-court winner. match point, nadal, ace. his serve has not been broken. advances to the fourth round with a straight sets victory.
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>> pga playoff, the deutsche bank championship tpc boston. start with tiger, par-5 18th. a pretty fl shot. ads to a birdie and 2-under 9. only the top 70 advance to next ek others event. philickelson back in contention. his third. told his caddie he would chip in it, and he does. 67 for lefty, 12-unr. 18, brandt snedeker. needs to chip in for pa and he does. he stays at 16-under. one back of jason day. drops him to 17-under, cards a , a one-stroke lead gog into tomorrow. >> alan:oming up next, george clooney shoots first a the box office.
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>> alan: george clooney's new film, "the american," captured the top spot at the box office. it features clooney as an asssin taking a breather in italy after a botched job in sweden. "takers" was second, and ma shut at -- ma ma sheet at the was in the top five. it's its for abc news. anks for watching. see you at 11:0 captioned by closecaptioning services inc.
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